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Agriculture depends on Mother Earth.  Agrich Crop Science manufactures products and tools keeping in mind its environmental responsibility towards planet Earth. We are committed to the upliftment of farmers, the best interests of our consumers and the protection of our environment.

We maintain:

  • Premium Quality
    Agrich Crop Science is constantly updating and upgrading its products with futuristic innovations to give its customers and farmers the best and the latest.
  • Safe to use
    Safety is our priority. Our products are tested on various parameters and their safety can be vouched by experts and regulatory agencies.
  • Eco-Friendly
    Agrich Crop Science is dedicated to environmental causes and strongly stands for the protection of the planet. Our products are manufactured in conformity with the environmental norms.

Agrich Crop Science is aware that one of the many challenges faced globally is the availability of healthy and nutritious food. If we can overcome this challenge it will lead to growth and prosperity across the globe. Agrich Crop Science is committed to finding improved and newer strategies to resolve global challenges and ensure safe food to the world.

Agrich Crop Science is achieving a balance between restoring the environment, the best interests of its customers, the welfare of the farmers and the development of the communities where we work.
We work hand-in-hand with several communities to understand their needs, implement projects and play an important role in their growth. Our focus areas include healthcare, skill development, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and environmental conservation.

Our focus areas are:

  • Encouraging employees to serve the community better on various societal problems.
  • Reaching out to deprived communities to provide them opportunities for Education.
  • Ensuring hygienic sanitation.
  • Working towards infrastructural development.
  • Providing short-term Technical training for the development of skill among dislocated local villagers to achieve self-sufficiency.
  • Providing First-Aid facilities as well as primary medical assistance to the nearby local people though the Occupational Health Centre.
  • Planting thousands of trees of different varieties along the periphery of the factory for development of a “GREEN-BELT” in our plant.
  • Constructing tube wells in villages where water supply facility is extremely scanty. Rain harvesting in villages is also one of our main projects.
  • Free Medical Check-up Camps every year conducted by a panel of Experts.
  • Spreading awareness through campaigns about eco-friendly agricultural practices.